Apple has just announced the release of the AirPods 3, Here’s what we know


The Airpods 3 are on their way, and reports suggest that Apple will bump the price, big time. 

Untitled design (3)

Apple has announced earlier today the release of the new Airpods 3, and they may only be a few months away. The Airpods 3 are rumored to consist of what Digitimes says.

One thing for sure is that the new Airpod will get a price bump. Although we don’t know what the wireless earbuds will cost, reports suggest they could be pricey. At least compared to the previous generation Airpods.


“a brand-new internal design adopting SiP (system in package) technology instead of rigid-flex board combination.”


Unlike the Airpods 2, which were released in March 2019. The Airpods 3 will have many changed to the design, and many rumored features as well.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that apple is working on a noise cancelling headphone, but that is just one of the many rumored specs.

Here are some of the other possible features for Apples newest Airpod

  • Water resistance
  • Fitness Tracking Features
  • Further talk time improvements
  • More control customization

Although noise cancellation is one of the most talked about features, water resistance has people excited as well. While many people do use their Airpods in the rain, they don’t happen to be waterproof, and could be damaged.

Many people expected some of these features to be included on the Airpod 2, released earlier this year. Besides the ‘siri’ function, the Airpod 2 wasn’t drastically different, and people expect big things from the third generation Airpod.

The wireless headphone market is growing, and its growing fast. Although Samsung and Beats have came out with wireless headphones of their own, Apple still remains at the top of the industry, and if the rumored features on the Airpods 3 are true, it definitely seems like they’ll stay there.

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