5 realistic steps to make this upcoming NBA season the most exciting in recent years

Let’s face it, the 2018/19 NBA season wasn’t exactly the most exciting one in recent memory. Until Kevin Durant went down in Game 5 against Houston, nobody was really given a chance to beat Golden State, and Klay Thompson’s injury all but sealed the win for Toronto. In the following article, I will solve the NBA’s competition problem in five realistic steps. If these possibilities turn into reality, NBA fans will be looking forward to one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sign with the Knicks

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Although it’s been made to sound like a foregone conclusion that Irving would go to Brooklyn, new reports say that the Nets may back off from signing Irving if he can’t bring Durant along with him. In that case, it seems palpable that KD instead convinces Irving to join New York. With the inevitable addition of RJ Barrett in the draft, these additions would instantly make the Knicks true contenders whenever Durant is back and healthy, and Adam Silver would be ecstatic to have one of his biggest franchises back on top.

Kawhi Leonard resigns with the Raptors

Regardless of what happens around the league, The Raptors can stay competitive as long as they resign their main guy. Insiders say that Kawhi has been deeply affected by all the love he’s received in the north, and frankly it would be ridiculous for a star to leave his team after winning a championship. At the end of the day, it seems like the obvious choice, and it would make the Raptors more than ready to defend their title.

Jimmy Butler signs with Houston

Despite the recent reports that Chris Paul and James Harden’s relationship is irreparable, CP3 himself has denied these claims. Let’s not forget, this team was one injury and one game away from taking down Golden State WITH Kevin Durant. Adding a star like Jimmy Butler who adds a major defensive presence and leadership could be the move that takes the Rockets to the next level. If Harden and Paul can sort out their differences, Houston with Butler would surely be one of the favorites to win the championship in 2020.

Klay Thompson resigns with Golden State

Even if they lose Kevin Durant, Golden State can continue to terrorize the West as long as they keep the Splash Bros together. If Thompson can be back and ready for the playoffs and Boogie Cousins revives his former stardom, the Warriors might even be better than they were this year after KD went down.

LA Lakers add Beverly and JJ Reddick

Adding Anthony Davis gives the Lakers the best duo in basketball, now they just need to improve the supporting cast around their two stars. As we’ve seen before, Lebron’s teams tend to thrive with role players who can shoot threes and play defense, and Beverly and Reddick seem to be perfect fits. With Kyle Kuzma on the squad as well, these two veterans can turn the Lakers into the favorites to win the championship in the coming year.

If these five moves are completed, the NBA would feature 6 real title contenders, the five mentioned above plus Milwaukee, who could come back stronger and hungrier. If you’re looking for excitement and uncertainty, this version of the NBA would fulfill that and more.

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