Artificial Intelligence is changing Digital Marketing, Here’s what you need to know


If you currently work in any Tech-related industry, you definitely know that Artificial Intelligence is drastically changing how things function, especially when it comes to Digital Marketing.

Being able to stay on top of the trends could be what keeps your Agency from being taken over by this super-intelligent technology. 

This article will fill you in on how AI can substantially help you, and how Agency owners can reposition their PPC and SEO agencies to retain relevancy in the future AI environment. 

Will Artificial Intelligence impact PPC?

In recent years, Google ads have implemented quite a bit of machine learning into their system, however, there is still a great need for a professional to monitor the campaigns. 

The machine learning algorithms that Google has implemented to AdWords does a great job for things like managing bids and optimizing around certain keywords that have proven to bring in more conversions, but there are many holes where you will need a professional to jump in. 

Author, and PPC mogul; Frederick Vallaeys, stated that a PPC professional will need to fill in the role of a Pilot, he doesn’t need to constantly be on top of things, although, if intervention is needed, he needs to be present. 

If you have a client who manages a water-park, and there is a hurricane tomorrow, that would require intervention from a human to pause the PPC campaigns which are currently running for the water-park. But what happens when Artificial Intelligence starts to be able to recognize these small details?

Well, the creativity of a Human with the right marketing mind will always matter. There will always be creative ways to get in front of potential clients.

Here’s an example of a PPC professional who wanted to find the highest potential customers for a locksmith:

Attempting to gain clients for a locksmith this PPC Specialist went on to Target keywords, such as “get back into my locked car” on users with iPhones. Why iPhones? Well, people with iPhones tend to have a more disposable income. He then decided to run these ads in neighborhoods with high crime rates.  

This type of targeting is not able to be created by machines, rather you will need someone that has the ability to think outside the box.  

In order to keep and gain new PPC clients, you will have to change the way you sell the service. It will be more around selling the ‘Pilot’ and ‘Creative’ aspects than ever before.

Will Artificial Intelligence impact SEO?

There are many software’s that exist today that can optimize your website for On-Site SEO. These softwares will optimize your meta-tags and H1 tags around the keyword you are targeting. 

In many instances, AI has already revolutionized SEO. Off-Site SEO has been impacted as well, with many softwares that will generate backlinks for you. However, unlike the bidding machine learning systems integrated into Google ads, these SEO software’s have not yet surpassed human capabilities. 

A human being will almost always be more effective in researching the right keywords, and manually building relationships with other websites to acquire backlinks. 

But when machine learning algorithms start to exceed in the SEO world, things could change.

AI will soon be able to communicate at human levels, and many of the technical parts of SEO will be done better by machines and softwares. Which brings me back to Human Creativity. 

There’s no need to panic, SEO is similar to PPC in the fact that thinking outside the box can generate very meaningful results. 

For example, a Pest control company trying to organically win keywords along the lines of “Pest Control Company” might not even be a realistic accomplishment without years of work. 

However, Long tail keywords such as “How to get rid of rats” could very well be winnable with a good blog post. 

Artificial Intelligence will probably not come up with these outside the box ideas. It’s up to humans to generate effective strategies that AI doesn’t have the ability to come up with. 

How will Online Marketing look in the upcoming AI era

Well, a lot of the ‘boring’ work will most likely be automated. In order to keep your Agency in business, you’re gonna need to sell much more than just a service. You’re gonna need to sell a ‘Marketing Mindset’.

Artificial Intelligence can only help you. Not just in the form of saving time, but also in a technical aspect. Machine learning algorithms know what they are doing, and they can think far faster and in some instances smarter than humans can.

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