Common mistakes to look out for when creating an Email Marketing Campaign

Creating an E-mail marketing campaign is crucial and can be highly effective for generating leads and engaging with your existing customers.

I have summarized the mistakes that I have seen on dozens of different emailing campaigns, in various sectors.

Avoiding them will allow you to get better results on the campaigns you are about to launch, and perhaps to also realize when the right time to create a campaign is.

Here are the most common Email Marketing Campaign mistakes.

Not enough database information

Many companies or young entrepreneurs want to set up email campaigns. Which is a great idea looking at the ROI email marketing brings to many companies.

However, the biggest mistake is launching a campaign too soon. You might have a large list but never created a campaign before (which is a problem).

It’s important to have information like, What are the expected opening rates? At what time is your audience most likely to open your emails? What are the best sending days?

You could rely on the studies that say that Tuesday’s and Thursday’s get the best opening rates.

But depending on you, your business, your target (B2B, B2C) things can be totally different.

It’s important to get to know your audience before setting up and email campaign.

The right thing to do would be to do a 2 or 3-month tests, to understand the good factors of your audience. Test the sending days, time of day, and the design of your emails as well as monitor and track them.

This way, you can apply what you already know about your mailing list, and improve your email campaigns.

Set a goal for your campaigns

If your email campaign has only one goal, it would be better understood than if it contained several.

That’s why I always recommend setting up a specific goal for a campaign.

You can create a campaign to introduce a new product or to retain your current customers, but try to avoid the mistake of mixing multiple goals in one campaign.

Set separate contact lists

The more months or years pass, the more likely your former customers will be left out of contact with your business or brand.

Take the example of a store that sells major household products, like a refrigerator, couch, table. This is the kind of furniture that is renewed once every 10 years. So, once you’ve made your sale, you’re not supposed to come back every 6 months for the latest promotion on a refrigerator.

By organizing your email lists, you can estimate the future buying behaviors of your customers.

You can segment by age group. In this case, you might not offer the same products or services you would to an 18-year-old than a 60-year-old, and vice versa.

You can also analyze the purchasing behavior of your customers during the analysis period of your database.

To summarize the interest of segmentation, you need to understand that you need to create groups of people who are alike and have similar interests, for more targeted campaigns.

Email marketing is more than just selling

Many people make the mistake of considering that emailing is a channel of communication meant to only promote products or services.

With this method, you will gradually lose the interest of your audience, which is flooded with advertising emails constantly.

Aside from sending emails containing commercial offers, it’s important to engage with your audience in different ways. Email marketing can be used to create sincere relationships and build trust with your customers.

Blog posts and newsletters are a great way of engaging and communicating with your audience, but certainly, do not make the mistake of limiting your email marketing to just selling your product or service.


  • Learn about your database
  • Set goals for your campaigns
  • Set separate contact lists
  • Don’t just sell, Engage.

Now that you know how to perfect your email campaigns, the only problem you may have is not having a big enough emailing list.

Here is a guide to building and developing a mailing list effectively.

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