Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In America and throughout the world

Salary is usually a key factor when determining your next job. According to a recent survey from Glassdoor, 70% of job seekers say that salary plays a big part in their decision of choosing a job.

Here are the Top 10 highest paying jobs, in America and throughout the world.


Pharmacists are responsible for selling medications assigned by doctors. They explain the dosages and risks of the medications the patients are taking, as well as monitor the patient’s health throughout the use of the medication.

Pharmacists earn an average of $115,000 a year.

A masters degree is required to practice, as well as a state license.

Airline Pilot

It takes at least 10 years and often more to be able to fly large commercial aircraft and work for the major airlines.

Before being able to enjoy the many benefits that come with being an airline pilot (such as free travel) many tests and licenses are mandatory, and the permits and licenses could be very costly.

The average pilot earns around $121,00 a year, and it could be well higher depending on the pilots flying hours.


There are many different types of lawyers. Medical lawyers typically earn the highest salary of all the other different forms of attorneys, at an average annual income of around $150,000 a year.

However, IP attorneys are not far behind earning an average yearly income of $142,000 a year.

Lawyers can make millions of dollars a year depending on the level of their skill. There is a drastic difference in the income between average lawyers and top tier lawyers in America. There are many lawyers in America making over 40 million dollars a year.

IT Manager

IT Managers are key contributors to companies. Whether they are networking computers, repairing computer failures, getting rid of viruses, or securing the companies digital archives, their presence is essential for a successful IT development strategy.

IT Managers earn between $136,000 to $170,000 depending on the industry they work in.

Research Scientist

Chemists, biologists, and physicists have important jobs in the US, and across the world. Their mission consists of conducting laboratory experiments and recording their work in their offices.

However, not all scientific researchers are in the same financial position: we find those who earn the lowest salaries often work in the profession of public institutions, while the highest earning research scientists work in the insurance or aerospace sectors.

Research Scientists earn an average of $136,00 a year.


Marketers are crucial to any business. Marketers are in charge of the promotion and awareness of a business or brand.

There are many different types of Marketers, from Digital Marketers to General Strategists.

Marketers aim to grow businesses by getting the products and services of a business in front of the right clients, through all of today’s many ways of advertising.

Marketers earn an average annual income of $140,000, although it varies depending on the field.


Engineering is a very versatile profession. In general, an engineer is a person who participates in development. An Engineer is the one called upon when it comes to solving technical problems but also to innovate and prepare the world of tomorrow.

There are many different types of engineering practices. The most common type of Engineering is Civil Engineering, which is the practice of designing roads and bridges as well as the infrastructure of a city.

Engineers earn an average of $140,000 a year, which could vary depending on the form of engineering.

CEO/Chief Executive Officer

A CEO occupies the highest position of authority in a company and is one of the most important people in a company.

The CEO is responsible for all of the company’s activities, including human resources management, production, services, sales, finance, marketing and compliance with criminal and tax rules. Most often, the CEO also represents the image of the company in public relations.

Although not all CEO’s are millionaires, those in the film industry earn an average of $225,000 a year, while others earn an average of $180,000 a year.


The medical industry is the most profitable industry in the world and an industry that will always be around and needed.

There are nearly 100,000 Dentist in the U.S making over than $170,00 a year. Of these 100,000 Dentists, orthodontist are a big part earning an average salary of $196,00 a year.


Whether in a private practice, clinic or public hospital, Doctors are the highest paid professionals in the U.S and throughout most of the world.

Doctors earn an average income of around $230,000.

However, this can vary on their specialty and where they are based. Surgeons earn almost $240,000 a year, an obstetrician-gynecologists earns an average of $214,000 a year and general practitioners earn around $186,000 a year.

Pediatricians are the lowest paid doctors earning an average income of $175,000 a year.

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