What is Google Adwords? Here’s everything you need to know about the top PPC platform

Google Adwords, today referred to as Google ads is the largest PPC platform and one of the largest advertising platforms in the world. From search engine marketing to google shopping, to display ads, Google has created an advertising platform suitable and important for almost any business.

Today I will be explaining how it works, and how to use Google Adwords.

So, how does Google Ads work?

In short, you pick a keyword, or keywords related to your niche, set a bid for the keywords your trying to advertise on, and publish your ads on Google’s search engine results.

You have the option to select a ‘Broad Match’ ‘Phrase Match’ or ‘Exact Match’

A broad match would mean that your ad has the ability to show up on Related phrases, synonyms, misspellings, and relevant variations.

For example, if your advertising for ‘used car’ its possible for your ad to show up under terms like ‘used vehicles’

A phrase match means that your ad can show up for any phrase around your keyword, but not for synonyms or related variations.

For example, if your keyword is used cars, you can show up for phrases like “used cars in good condition” or “red used cars” keeping the keywords in the phrase at all times.

In order to set a phrase match, you would have to put “quotation marks” around your keyword or key-phrase

An exact match is simple. Your ad will only show for the exact keyword you set.

If your keyword is ‘used cars’, your ad will only show for ‘used cars’.

In order to set an exact match, you would have to put [brackets] around your keyword or key-phrase.

For display ads, you can choose the category of the websites related to your niche and have your ads displaying on websites relevant to your product, service, or whatever you’re trying to promote.

As simple as all this may seem, it’s not.

Google ads is a very complex PPC platform. In order to generate a good ROI, you need to know everything from analyzing the right keywords, as well as how to implement unique strategies, (Which I’ll explain later on).

Most people save themselves the headache and hire a professional Google ads agency, but if you wanna manage your campaigns yourself, there is a lot to learn.

The biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to Google Adwords.

Improper keyword analysis

There are many tools that can allow you to analyze keywords. SEMrush, Moz and Ahrefs are some of the most popular, however, they could be pricey. If you want a free tool, check out ubersuggest.

Since ubersuggest is available to everyone, I’ll walk you through how to analyze keywords through that tool.

Once you type a keyword in the search box, you’ll be given a report and some data concerning the keyword or phrase.

The third box, under ‘PD’, represents the “paid difficulty”. The more businesses bidding on a certain keyword or phrase, the higher the keyword difficulty will be.

(Note that it’s important to target keywords with low Paid difficulty if you have a smaller budget)

If you scroll all the way down, you’ll be given a report of some related keywords. Including the average searches each month, and the Paid difficulty as well.

Be on top of your Adwords campaigns

Monitoring your Adwords campaign is very important. Tracking keyword data, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t play a big part in a successful campaign.

After monitoring your campaign for a while, you’ll get an idea of what works. Make sure to include the keywords generating a low CTR (Click through rate) into the ‘negative keyword section’ Click here to learn more about negative keywords.

Make sure your ad is appealing

One of the most important parts of a successful campaign is the ad itself.

Make sure your title is too the point, and providing your potential client’s interest or needs right away.

Here is an example of a good ad.

It gets to the point, has an accurate description of what the service is and includes the company name at the end (which is important).

Implementing a Strategic approach to your Adwords campaign

Strategy is always key. Here are some tips for a strategic Adwords campaign.

There are many niche’s that are very competitive when it comes to Adwords. Which is why sometimes you might have to work your way around.

For example, let’s say you own a pest control company, and your goal is to get more clients. However, the Paid difficulty for ‘pest control’ and anything with a phrase around ‘pest control’ is high.

In that case, your gonna have to work your way around by targeting other key-phrases which someone in need of a pest control company would search.

Like “how to get rid of rats” or “why are there bed bugs in my home” these are phrases that people probably in need of a pest control company would search. Create an ad to the point, selling your service, and your set.

Facebook ads vs Google ads. Which is better?

This question seems to come up a lot, and there is no straight answer. The two platforms play two different parts in the digital marketing world.

They both have their advantages and work better for different types of businesses. Facebook ads are used more for generating awareness for products and for branding, while Google ads are based on intent, and work better for services.

This means Google ads will be shown to people searching for your product/service. While Facebook ads are shown to a wider targeted audience.

An accounting firm would have more success on google ads rather than facebook ads because of the intent-driven behind search queries. Someone looking for an accounting firm is likely to search for one on google, and at the end of the day being in front of a potential client is what you’re aiming for.

Although Facebook ads have a large selection and ways of targeting, you’re reaching a large audience of people that are probably not looking for the service you offer. Facebook ads would work better for an invention, because of the awareness it generates.

Is Google ads expensive?

The short answer is yes. However, it’s worth it.

In order to be seen in Google Ads, you are going to have to outbid your competitors bidding on the same keyword as you. Or else your ad won’t be seen.

Many people get shocked by the price of the clicks usually being so low. The average click cost between 1-2 dollars. Which seems cheap, but not when you realize that unless your willing to spend more than your competitors, your ad might not be seen.


Google Adwords is a great way to advertise and reach clients with intent in your product or service. Although it may be pricey, if done right, it could generate a great ROI.

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